Our Commitments

DESTINATION CIRCUIT travel agency works with the same hotels on different circuits for years. Every year, we visit our partner hotels to check their general conditions from year to year.

When there is a new circuit on the championship, we go there to select hotels according to the needs of our customers.

The demands of our customers are different regarding championships of which they participate. We offer a very wide range of standard hotels from 1* to luxury 5*. We assure a follow up to our customers, informing them about each new championship and taking into account their specificities (budget, usual customers ...).


Our presence in LE MANS:

  • Traditional hotels from 1 * to 4 *

This type of accommodation is usually offered to professionals. Indeed, the hotels during the events required a 7 nights package with "special events" prices and these products cannot be offered to individuals or even to sponsors for only one night at Le Mans.

  • Event Hospitality « Pop Up Hotel »

Since several years, we sell temporary "Pop Up Hotels". This type of accommodation can be an answer to sponsors requests who want to host their guests in the heart of the event. Many of them want to accommodate their guests without splitting their group (20 to 600 people per group) and any hotel in Le Mans or near by is able to house these amount of people on the Saturday evening for the 24 Hours Auto.

  • Bed and Breakfast Homestay (house, cottage, castle ...)

In order to offer accommodations to all spectators present at the various events organized by the circuit, we have put in place accommodation in guest houses.

Each "host" wishing to rent one or more rooms in their house can be part of our database. Registration is free and not exclusive.

All of our Hosts have signed our "10 Commandments of Hosting"-

Accommodations are then visited by our service to ensure that they match with the description submitted. Today, we have about 600 guests registered in our database.

We have created our own accommodation rating in "Helmets" 1c to 5ccccc according to the comfort, the distance from the circuit, the returned customer satisfaction surveys.


The + Destination Circuit

Apart from the classic logistics for all reservations, the agency also helps VIP groups with A to Z support. As a travel agency, we have all the clearances required for the complete organization of our Customer stays: Air ticketing; rail ticketing; organization of airport transfers; individual or group shuttle services; car or scooter rental; VIP; receptive; gala dinner ... private support on the tour with our partner "Circuit Concierge Services".


The guarantee of a quality service

conseilHotline 24/24

Hotline 24h / 24h
During the events,
Our team is for your listening.

Charte d'hopitaliteCharter of hospitality

The travelers estimate their hosts after every journey. All the hosts have to obtain a minimal evaluation and conform to our charter of hospitality to remain registered as hosts to Destination Circuit.


A custom-made service, an apartment house installed at the heart of the event to answer all your needs or envy!

Hardly of our experience, a manager will be present by your side 24/24 to coordinate, organize and lead your event from A to Z!