10 commandments of hosting

1/ THE HOST OBLIGATIONS : The host has to welcome his guests, serve and supply them breakfast and household linen for each guest of booked rooms (specifics details below- points 3, 6 and 7)

2/ RESPECT OF THE CONTRACT : The host has to respect the entire general terms and conditions mentioned by our travel agency and the detailed furnished services during the current year (bed types, number of rooms, number of bathrooms etc...). Any changes of services submitted need to be notified to our travel agency.  

If the travel agency does not validate the latest modifications, "DESTINATION CIRCUIT" will not be responsible of any endured damages caused by these modifications to the guests.

3/ WELCOME : The host has to friendliness welcome the guest. In case of unavailability, the host commits to find a third person knowing the accommodation and able to welcome the guest in agreed day and time.  

4/ THE VOUCHER : The guests come to your home by their own. Be aware of the possible difficulty for them to reach your house. Our travel agency send them a voucher with, on the back it, a detailed access map between your home and the circuit (vice-versa). The host has to stay reachable the day of guests's arrival in order to help them in case of non-finding the house.

The voucher is the validated booking proof in case of issues at the arrival. As soon as they arrive, you have to ask this document to your guests.

5/ THE ARRIVAL : The host has to introduce the rules of life within the family. During this presentation you will have to be able to explain:

  • The use of telephone and Internet : to be determined with the guests
  • The schedule organization : breakfast hours and approximately return hour
  • Set of keys : when you will give your duplicated keys to the guests, remind them (if you wish to) that they will be held responsible in case of loss.
  • Access conditions to the kitchen : Please arrange with your guests regarding the time access to the kitchen.
  • Access to the bathroom (in case of bathroom to share) : Please arrange with your guests regarding the access time to the bathroom.
  • Use of the washing machine :  Only if you agreed with this and after having noticed the guests of the conditions of use - the guests may need to use your washing machine.
  • Various information :  A stay in guest house is nice way to communicate and share with your guests information concerning our city. If your guests ask for them, don't hesitate to give them advices and details that could help them during their stay in Le Mans.
    Please indicate our Concierge Services telephone number to the guests: +33
  • Religion & Politics : Be tolerant: your guest may not share your point of view. The diversity makes the wealth of these conversations but may be source of conflicts, please respect your guests.
  • Tobacco/Alcohol/Drogues/Thefts/Aggressions : Any abuses concerning the use of illegal substances will make you ineligible as host in regards to our travel agency. Judicial pursuits may be engaged by our travel agency against you in case of damages caused to our customers.


The rooms or the house available for the guests has to be cleaned and fresh as guests may feel good. The hygiene is a decisive criteria and the atmosphere has to be healthy for the guests. Beds have to be cleanly made up (clean sheets, blankets, duvet and pillow) and clean towel have to be provided to the guests. The host is on charge of the daily cleaning of the rooms and bathroom. Towels have to be changed any 2 or 3 days.

7/ BREAKFAST : The guests are coming from diverse countries and have different religions. Each guest must find their most usual breakfast products. Therefore, we advise you to propose a large offering such as: coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, bread or/and crispbreads, pastries, butter, marmalades, fruit juices, or/and fresh fruits, yoghurts. You could add to your convenience: honey, cereals, cheese, cooked meats, bacon etc...

8/ PLEASE RESPECT THE CHARACTERISTICS AND CULTURE OF YOUR GUEST.  Be aware of the human experience that we will share. Please think about possible allergies or alimentary restrictions, time of meal, if they want to share or not meals with you.

9/ HEALTH : In case of medical issues of one of the guests, please indicate a medical center. Please note that your guest has to be covered by an appropriate insurance prior to his arrival. Otherwise, they maybe charged of eventual costs of medical cares. 

 10/ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY : At the end of the stay, please kindly ask or propose to your guest to fill and send back to us the customer satisfaction survey that we will send to him after the event.


The guarantee of a quality service

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Charte d'hopitaliteCharter of hospitality

The travelers estimate their hosts after every journey. All the hosts have to obtain a minimal evaluation and conform to our charter of hospitality to remain registered as hosts to Destination Circuit.


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